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a love song to captive prince

Dear LJ,

The last book in the Captive Prince trilogy is coming out in less than 24 hours, and I am torn between excitement and sadness. It’s been a four year wait since the end of the last one and I am beyond ready to find out what happens - but there’s also the knowledge that after this, it will be the end. And so here I am, breaking my (inadvertant) 1.5 year silence on LJ where I first started the series all those years ago to spew out all of my over-the-top Feelings. I feel a bit like I did right before Deathly Hallows came out - the sensation of simultaneously wanting opposite things.

I spent the weekend carefully rereading the first two books, and it's a bittersweet satisfaction. Can I take another moment to reiterate my amazement at the sheer brilliance of the writing itself? No detail is given without purpose, and the words are understated but arranged for maximum impact. One of my favourite lines may be at the very end of book 2: He dropped slowly to his knees, an Akielon commander kneeling on the rough trampled stones of a Veretian fort. It's not a Laurent moment (ie. most of my other favourite lines), but the first time I read it, I remember stopping short to reread that sentence over again in delight. I love that the words themselves are simple and straight forward, but there is so much constrast held in that one sentence within the context of the story.

When tomorrow hits, I will be scrambling to get the ebook into my hands. I made the slightly terrible mistake of actually reading the first chapter teaser, which made me even more torn between wanting to know what happens now, and wishing that the wait will last just a little longer.

Probability of Liz updating again in flaily tears after she's done reading: 95%

Until then,


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[Merlin] ♥

we can't get back yesterday, but we're young right now

MERLIN RECS, 3rd Edition!
1. I don't know when this became an annual thing, except it apparently is now.
2. I considered not including my "comments", mostly because they are always so useless and repetitive (ahaha), but in the end I couldn't resist the chance to babble.
3. As always, there are 20 Merlin/Arthur recs in total: 10 for Canon and 10 for AUs. And as always, it was incredibly hard to cut down to 10 of each.

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I will miss you until you return again

friends cut.

I've never been good at goodbyes, but I feel like I've grown apart from a lot of people on here over the years without being willing to admit it. Maybe it's time after all. With lj being a small world though, I'm sure I'll still see you all around. ♥ Until then.
sweet and sour

we outgrow love like other things

I think I did this before, a few years ago, but oh well.
comment anonymously with
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  4. one love note (to someone; to anyone).
  5. lyrics to a song.
  6. how old you are.
  7. how long we've been friends.
  8. and a hint to who you are.

leaving this post public for now since as far as I know, that's the only way you can make anonymous comments. ♥
fell in love with a starship captain

the long overdue merlin/arthur rec post which I've been promising for ages.

so yes, this is crazy overdue - because at first I worried over whether or not I'd read enough fics in this fandom to make a rec list (except meiface just laughed at me when I told her this), and then I kept getting distracted by new fics - and also, new fandoms with more fics (hello, inception!). but yes, these are some of my favourite merlin/arthur fics ever in this fandom. 20 recs total: 10 for canon and 10 for au. :)

(this includes canon!AUs, because I am an AU addict and can't stay away from them to save my life.)

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fell in love with a starship captain

of manservants and prats and things

the point of this entry is to rec a story I just finished reading from the merlin big bang.

The Sorcerer and The King by misswinterhill
Merlin/Arthur, 85000 words, rated 18+
warnings: main character death (temporary), supporting character death (permanent)
Canon AU -- Merlin's death is only the beginning; with no-one to protect the kingdom, Camelot falls to an enemy sorcerer and Arthur is forced to serve in the court that he once ruled. When an escape attempt goes horribly wrong, Arthur is rescued by someone he never expected to see again -- and it's their destiny to put things right.

COMMENTS: I don't usually do a lot of fic recs, but I just spend the last few hours on this one, and it just completely blew me away. What can I even say about this fic? I held off reading it at first because I could tell right away from the summary that it would most likely be heartbreakingly angsty - and it is, to an extent. I am so glad I went back and read it though, because it is also plotty and gorgeous and just thinking about it makes me incoherent. This is the first fic I've read in this fandom where we actually have Merlin's death, and you can just see how things start falling apart. It's like a punch in the gut that makes you go oh no, what's going to happen now? The author moves the plot along beautifully though - and all the little details really make the story - the word count looks very long, but when you start reading, the flow of things just moves you along. Basically, the way I feel right now = the way I feel after reading a very very good book, and I still can't get over how good this is. this isn't a quick read, and is definitely something you should allocate an evening to, but imo, it is so worth your time. ♥
fell in love with a starship captain

I don't miss you, not even a little

spur-of-the-moment writing is the best way to waste time. unrelated bits and pieces and things.

you don’t call it a crush, because it’s not, not really. you’d always thought there would have to be more emotions involved before you can label anything as one – but even you have to admit that this one’s close, close enough that it might just be you being stubborn and refusing to admit to the obvious.

this one’s close, because sometimes he turns you into a tongue-tied nervous wreck and that only happens when you actually care. and sometimes you dream of fragments of him and you wonder how much your subconscious has latched on without your realizing. you wonder if he has a girlfriend already, and then think, of course, why wouldn’t he.

(it’s only the ones you’re nervous around that you really like.)


when you close your eyes, you dream of rickety paris streets and unending hawaiian beaches. they’re half-dreams and half-nightmares – you call them the latter as well because when you wake up, the ache of what you can’t have is twice as strong now that you’ve had a taste of the could-have-beens (even if they’re just the constructions of your mind).

they’re could-have-beens, not because of rules or expectations but because of your own self-confinement. because you want to see the world but you know you’ll never be brave enough to do half those things you imagine doing – and that’s worse, somehow.

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