February 21st, 2008

fell in love with a starship captain

BLIMEY!: The Harry Potter Blogcrew

So waveless and I were talking/slacking off, as usual, and we've both clearly been thinking about HP/not doing homework/reading fics for too long. The end result?


Comment to claim any character or pairing that hasn't been taken, and you'll be added to the list. Pretty simple/standard, as far as blog crews go.

Once you've been added to the list? Just make a link back to this post with the character/ship you claimed anywhere you want. It can be in your sidebar, your FO post, your userinfo - anywhere that's conveniant, pretty much. And there's no need to link back with fancy banners or images - not unless you want to, anyway. :)

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Don't forget to help spread the word! :D