September 7th, 2008

fell in love with a starship captain

public post, for fangirly purposes

I pretty much keep all of my entries locked, but making a public pic spam post for fangirly purposes. Photos of Jared from the Red Bull Soapbox Race. (Sorry for the lack of Jensen, but Jared was on my side of the street.) Warning that some of these are pretty big, so if you're on dial-up/slow internet connection? It might take a while.

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eta; Feel free to use these in icons - but maybe just put a link back at the end of your icon post or something? Just so other people can find the pics. :)

eta2; SEP 8th 3:20PM: Bandwidth exceeded. I can't reupload right now since I'm at school, but I'll get them uploaded again elsewhere when I get home. Try again later!

eta3; SEP 8th 8PM: I've reuploaded the pics, so they should all be visible now. PLEASE DON'T HOTLINK. I'm not going to be able to reupload if these go down again, so please be considerate and upload to your own places if you're linking? THANK YOU.