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public post, for fangirly purposes

I pretty much keep all of my entries locked, but making a public pic spam post for fangirly purposes. Photos of Jared from the Red Bull Soapbox Race. (Sorry for the lack of Jensen, but Jared was on my side of the street.) Warning that some of these are pretty big, so if you're on dial-up/slow internet connection? It might take a while.

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eta; Feel free to use these in icons - but maybe just put a link back at the end of your icon post or something? Just so other people can find the pics. :)

eta2; SEP 8th 3:20PM: Bandwidth exceeded. I can't reupload right now since I'm at school, but I'll get them uploaded again elsewhere when I get home. Try again later!

eta3; SEP 8th 8PM: I've reuploaded the pics, so they should all be visible now. PLEASE DON'T HOTLINK. I'm not going to be able to reupload if these go down again, so please be considerate and upload to your own places if you're linking? THANK YOU.
fell in love with a starship captain

BLIMEY!: The Harry Potter Blogcrew

So waveless and I were talking/slacking off, as usual, and we've both clearly been thinking about HP/not doing homework/reading fics for too long. The end result?


Comment to claim any character or pairing that hasn't been taken, and you'll be added to the list. Pretty simple/standard, as far as blog crews go.

Once you've been added to the list? Just make a link back to this post with the character/ship you claimed anywhere you want. It can be in your sidebar, your FO post, your userinfo - anywhere that's conveniant, pretty much. And there's no need to link back with fancy banners or images - not unless you want to, anyway. :)

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Don't forget to help spread the word! :D
fell in love with a starship captain

Twilight Friending Meme


One can never have too many friends when it comes to fandom, and I've heard from quite a few people that they'd love to have more friends in this one. With Eclipse not coming out until late 2007, we all need something to keep our minds occupied. Here's a chance to poke around and hopefully meet some awesome people with similar interests as you.

Keep in mind that in order for this to be a success, we need all of your help with the pimping. Spread the love and let everyone know about this!